An analysis of the relationship of teen pregnancy and parental supervision from the household

The level of education of the girls was the same as, or lower than, that of their parents. For On the other hand, it is notable that many times the spouses of young mothers are also adolescents. Younger mothers are at increased risk of developing obstetric fistula, anaemia, eclampsia, postpartum haemorrhage, and puerperal endometritis.

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Research that analyzed the relationships between adolescent mothers and their fathers, two years after birth, showed that when the good relationships were maintained within the familythe young women had a higher chance of staying in school and achieving higher education, thus demonstrating the importance of favorable family support as a factor that positively influences future education When the stage to adjust to the new reality was overcome, the main worries were with structuring teenagers' family and financial stability.

Thousand Oaks: Sage; The heads of household worked mainly as street vendors in the informal economy at their own street standsservants, construction labourers, carpenters, plumbers and as farmers.

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The majority of people living in this place are low-income families. The search for participants and the interviewing process were halted when we observed a saturation of information obtained in relation to the subjects of interest.

The participants were allowed to establish the places and dates of the interviews in order to attain a better flow of information, resulting in that homes and parks were the most frequent settings. This measure was adopted to include people who had similar socioeconomic conditions.

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All families taking part in the study mentioned they offered some kind of support to adolescents regarding pregnancy, with a greater or lower intensity. The girls disclosed feelings of repression, loneliness and indifference to their parents, leading them to unprotected sexual relations without fear of pregnancy.

An analysis of the relationship of teen pregnancy and parental supervision from the household

Results The family context before pregnancy An intergenerational pattern was observed with regard to teen pregnancies. Evidence suggested that changes occurred for better or much better in the relationship between the young mother and her family after the pregnancy. In the idea of these families, marriage in adverse conditions led to more harms than benefits, especially regarding the marital future. Int NGO J. The interview guide included possible related aspects of the family and individual personal context of the adolescents before pregnancy such as length of the relationship, initiation of sexual relations, relationship with the family, their emotions and prospects for the future, and reasons why they decided to get pregnant. The strongest example has been used to represent the other, similar examples. The criterion to stop including new participants was continuous repetition of data. Several guidelines were given on the proper behavior in relationships with men. Three of these establishments are public and one is private, and the public hospitals also provide private assistance. I told him: easy, let's see how we can handle this" m3, 5, The support from the partner is essential to the well-being of the young mother, since there is considerable risk for the onset and chronicity of postpartum depression when it is present or established within troubled marital relations
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