Hugs vs kisses

In an attempt to expand its share of the quick-fix chocolate market, Hershey, maker of the Kiss, unveiled the Hug this summer. Last night I had a very special discussion about the difference between hugs and kisses and which of the two hold the most power.

difference between hersheys hugs and kisses

Well if it is a relationship or culturally acceptable, we can kiss them. Hugs and kisses are two very different things.

Strong urge to hug someone

Kisses Essay examples Hugs vs. I think I have come to the conclussion that the strength that a hug provides Put yourself in this situation: Let's say that you have had a horrible day; almost to the point of tears Chocolate isn't meant to be white. Most first-years were turned on by the novelty of Hugs. Can a Hug really be as satisfying as a Kiss? You have real chocolate, dark chocolate, and then you tamper with it by making it milk chocolate and then you take out the essence of chocolate completely by making white chocolate. The vagus nerve affects a wide range of bodily functions, and in this case, stimulation of the vagus nerve typically results in a reduction in heart rate and blood pressure. Why do we do that? The kiss is the preemptive action to what?

And when cortisol dips, the feel-good chemicals — dopamine and serotonin — rise. However, think of the emotions you have when you crave to be kissed Many studies have been done to better understand these forms of intimacy and the results show that both hugging and kissing, arbitrary or self-evident though they may seem, have evolved for very specific biological reasons and have strong emotional, psychological, and physical value.

Time to find out… Image Source: Blogspot Far more about our lives than we realize is understood through touch.

benefits of hugs and kisses
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To Kiss Or To Hug