Literature review on banking sector

The standard deviation will delineate the normal fluctuations one can expect in that particular security above and below the mean, or average.

Literature review on e-banking system

All factors are crucial and must be anticipated by bank managers if they really want their customer satisfaction. It examines and evaluates factors like - competitive service quality assessment scores, expectation, perception and gaps among users of bank services. The study was conducted to ascertain service quality variations across selected banks by demographic variations and to measure the customer satisfaction in selected public and private sector banks by analyzing the gap between expectations and their perceptions of banking services. The intensity of interest in the purchase of investments and other products was relatively low. Bhayani, S. How this service had integrated multiple data sources and CRM information is also dealt with. According to the findings of the research. They attempted to find the factors of customer loyalty and their relationships with the banking industry in developing countries. As discussed in the case study and shown by the survey results, the proposed relationship seem to hold for a large service organization operating in the turbulent business environment. Every bank is trying to retain and maintain their valuable customers at any cost. From January 01, Basel II has been solely implemented in the banking sector.

A recent global trend of consolidation in the banking sector has intensified, generating important debates on its effects on the profitability of banks, consumer costs, the efficiency in allocating resources in an economy, and on overall financial stability.

Research Methodology The present study is based on both primary and secondary sources for collecting facts and figures relating to topic under research. But they are not comprehensive in coverage.

research in banking sector

The customer banks are picked in terms of their demographical profile age, qualification, occupation, gender.

Like other service industries, banking is also a customer focused service industry, where the attention or we can say that focused attention is on differentiate customer services as compare to the competitors.

However, some risks cannot be eliminated or transferred and must be absorbed by the banks.

literature review on information technology in banking sector

In the competitive and dynamic environment it becomes mandatory to find out the customer satisfaction factors. Gap analysis was applied to find the gaps between expected and performed service in private banks to find the difference between male and female perception and expectation.

Literature review on banking sector

The result also showed significant differences between public and private sector banks with regard to customer satisfaction, commitment and two dimensions of loyalty namely, loyalty to company and willingness to pay. Keywords: Customer satisfaction; Traditional and Modern banking 1. Liquidity Risk It generates from the failure or inability to meet current and future financial obligations by bank due to shortfall of cash or cash equivalent assets. Rahi, S. The major factor of the transformation banking system is efficiency convenience, speed and ease of use and will continue to do so. Ameme, B. The end result is that market power is getting shifted from banks to their customers. Therefore, this proposes a co-relationship between finance and competition in the area of banking.
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A Literature Review on the Competition in the Banking Sector