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The Rousseauists Rousseau left behind no disciples in the sense of a definite academic communitybut hardly a single theorist of the late 18th century or afterward could avoid the influence of his ideas. From this it followed that the teacher must attempt to control the environment of the child and guide his instruction step by step.

Rarely if ever painted or drawn from life, this type of idealized depiction was ideal for altarpieces and other forms of large scale religious artwhich accounted for most of the commissions undertaken by workshops and studios in Europe. In painting, idealism is a concept most applicable to figure paintingand refers to the tradition of creating a "perfect" figure - one with a goodlooking face, perfect hair, a good body shape and no outward blemishes of any kind.

That is to say, it focuses on the issue of "who" or "what" is being painted, rather than "how" it is painted. Caravaggio stunned Rome with his naturalistic figure painting, using subjects modelled on individuals recruited directly from the street.

The Sensationists A group of French writers contemporary with Rousseau and paralleling in some ways the thought of both Rousseau and Locke are known as the Sensationist s, or, sometimes, the Sensationist psychologists. Methodological naturalism is a way of acquiring knowledge.

During the golden age of Dutch Realist genre paintingartists such as Jan Vermeer domestic genre painting, interior and exteriorPieter de Hooch courtyardsSamuel van Hoogstraten domestic interiorsand Emanuel de Witte architectural church interiorspioneered a style of precision naturalism that included figurative, domestic and social subjects.

The three primary principles of naturalism faire vrai, faire grand and faire simple are first, that the play should be realistic, and the result of a careful study of human behaviour and psychology.

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These assumptions—a paradigm—comprise a collection of beliefs, values and techniques that are held by a given scientific community, which legitimize their systems and set the limitations to their investigation. Thus the way in which ideas and faculties originate is the way of logic, and to communicate a truth is to follow the order in which ideas come from the senses.

More particularly, I argued that the conjunction of naturalism with the belief that we human beings have evolved in conformity with current evolutionary doctrine Two Types of Naturalism: Landscape and Figurative As is clear from the above examples, it is not just outdoor rural scenes that exemplify naturalism: portraits and genre-paintings of people can also make excellent examples.

These methods are useful in the evaluation of claims about existence and knowledge and in identifying causal mechanisms responsible for the emergence of physical phenomena.

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Naturalism and Stanislavski