Pros and cons of attending school

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Pros and cons of attending school

Con: It also gives you the freedom to be distracted in class and not pay attention to what the professor is saying. It is wise to take a break of a year or more after graduating from high school before joining to college.

Participating in sports will not only help you grow your talent but also relieve stress from class by making you active. This refers to students who have repeated disruptive behaviors and have had multiple consequences.

pros and cons of state schools

In the United States, the schools that are being used in many districts are several decades old. In general, I don't feel overwhelmed by the classes or the size of the school, and they do a good job of making you feel like a part of the community.

Despite the above limitations of going to college, there are some benefits associated with going to college.

advantages and disadvantages of public schools essay
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The Pros and Cons of Not Going to College