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In contrast, for the 60's when tl. As far as the unemployment benefits are concerned, they are considerably low Sabethy and thus the hypothesis that high unemployment benefits raise the level of unemployment Nickel ]r is not the case for Greece. National employment policy programmes — such as programmes funded under EU Structural Funds, the Equal Community Initiative financed by the European Social Fund and local re-qualification and training institutions — are among the vocational training measures targeted at young people from remote regions. Coping with unemployment: the impact of unemployment on mental health, personality, and social interaction skills. Soc Sci Med. International Migration 34, Particularly, it highlights the fact that university gra- duates face higher risk of unemployment than secondary school graduates, while also being expected to remain unemployed for longer before they find a job. Kathimerini Unemployment and substance use: a review of the literature Curr Drug Abuse Rev. The health effects of economic decline. Ta Nea This phenomenon has been addressed by many researchers of different disciplines Nassiakou , Tsoukalas , Psa- charopoulos and Soumelis , Psacharopoulos where it has been suggested to derive mainly from an nunrealistic, high expectation for the rates of return of education Lambropoulos , which, because of the increasing supply of graduates, has been diminishing for the last hruo decades2 Magoula and Psacharopoulos , Kanellopoulos , Glytsos Impact of economic crisis and other demographic and socio-economic factors on self-rated health in Greece. Since then, in combination with the two oil crises, its trend showed a dramatic increase almost in all EU economies as well as the in the US and Japan.

Jackman, R. Furthermore, Cedefop comments that untilthe demand for upper secondary education graduates in Greece is expected to rise more than for university graduatesl. Glytsos, P.

greece inflation rate

This seems to be the case in Greece, as there is high protection of employees. J64 L. Exploring the domination of depression in the general population according to C.

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Health Policy. In other words, employed people face high proteciion and, therefore, new entrants have to stay longer in unemploymeni before they find a job ibid. The effect of unemployment on self-reported health and mental health in Greece from to a longitudinal study before and during the financial crisis. Socioeconomic status and mental illness: tests of the social causation and selection hypotheses. Social Cohesion and Development. The report begins with an analysis of inactive and active Greek youth, followed by a deeper analysis of youth unemployment and who the unemployed young people in Greece are in terms of gender and regional concentration. Van de Velden and Wolbers, M. The main reasons of this phenomenon are two. Glytsos, P. First of all, the low response rate of our study has been also discussed in another one reporting that discouraged job seekers due to the difficulties they face in finding a job, may be less inclined to participate in such surveys Financial crisis and austerity measures in Greece: their impact on health promotion policies and public health care. The mental health consequences of the economic crisis in Europe among the employed, the unemployed, and the non-employed. The key point of the above discussion is that unemployment in Greece is to a large extent structural and therefore microeconomic policies are needed in addition to other macroeconomic measures in order to tackle it. Hellenic Statistical Authority. Particularly, as KEPE points out, the public sector is trying to reduce its employees, especially those in public admini- stration.

As far as the unemployment benefits are concerned, they are considerably low Sabethy and thus the hypothesis that high unemployment benefits raise the level of unemployment Nickel ]r is not the case for Greece. There are some potential limitations that merit consideration.

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European Central Bank. In addition, the employment prospects of young entrants are impacied by the combination of the high non-wage cost and the low level of low wages in Greece Sabethy Particularly low is the spending on employment subsidies, which, as earlier siudies have shown, has beneficial effect in unemployment Apostolakis and Bobby Am J Orthopsychiatry.

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