Writing your name in chinese

Writing your name in chinese

Translate the name? These simplified characters are the most commonly used in China today, although the traditional characters are still used in Taiwan and Hong Kong. This is a radical in Chinese and it refers to Water. To simplify, there are two useful principles for picking a Chinese name, which can also be combined. It logically became known as the Wade-Giles system. Chapter 2 — So if there is no Chinese Alphabet, how do we start learning Chinese? While in Chinese there are over 3, common characters, with many sharing the same Pinyin , to translate your name from Latin alphabets to Chinese is not only a phonetic work, but also semantic. Here are the general requirements for each. Certain sounds also sound very similar. This takes time and practice to understand. In choosing names for their children, the Chinese stick to various customs. Each syllable corresponds to a character, which can then be used to transliterate or write with another alphabet foreign names.

This guide aims to make it easier for you to get your name right on your first Chinese language class or your first trip to China. After all, the country oozes history and culture and the Chinese characters and language plays a huge role in that.

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It is common to see it in textbooks alongside Chinese characters, as well as in dictionaries. Pinyin is a great way to ease a new Chinese language student into learning Mandarin. Some words are made up of just one character, others from two or three maybe even four or five in rarer cases. Through this link you can find an almost complete list of all existing names. How can that be? The pinyin system was developed in the s. How about referring to Chinese poetry? Each syllable corresponds to a character, which can then be used to transliterate or write with another alphabet foreign names. Easy as that! Student Maggie shows off her Hanzi Good question and the answer is simple in theory anyway … we start learning the characters from the very beginning. Hold on. Can summarise information from different spoken and written sources and reconstructing arguments or accounts in a coherent presentation.

So far we have learnt two characters but actually know a total of three words. To sum it up: a positive and auspicious meaning or something which reminds of an extraordinary event that happened at birth; avoiding names of close relatives or famous people and homonyms; the beauty of the characters and harmony of sound between the name and surname are the main criteria for the Chinese when naming their children.

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Words in Chinese are split into two parts of Pinyin, initials and finals. Communicate in simple and routine tasks.

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Here are the general requirements for each. Can produce simple connected text on topics which are familiar or of personal interest.

But how are names chosen? It means altogether.

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Find Your Chinese Name